I was born in Milan, Italy and moved to New York at age 14. I received my B.A from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1997 and, after a few brief working experiences a a freelancer in several different sectors, I moved back to Milan in 2002, where I began working as an editor for T.I.M., a trade magazine on the videogame industry.

As the videogame market shifted toward new, digital distributive models I began writing for YouTech, the first iPad-native technology magazine in Italy, where I contributed to its successful start up phase, by covering several different consumer technology segments. This is where I realized that the next big technological revolution would be in manufacturing. I became extremely fascinated by the potential of 3D printing.

In 2012 I became a freelance journalist, collaborating with many of Italy’s main generalist publications, including Corriere della Sera, Italy’s first newspaper, covering science and technology, anywhere from sustainability to astrophysics. As 3D printing boomed I was swept away by this technology which I saw – and still see today – as a very early version of Star Trek’s fictional molecular replicator. Since then most of my articles revolved around the different applications of 3D printing, in 2013 I started by own Italian blog on 3D printing called IL REPLICATORE, which has now evolved into a leading industry news website and has become a reference for the 3D printing industry in Italy.

Since 2013 I also have been a senior writer for, a leading international blog on 3D printing news, where I remained until the company was sold in early 2016. As a freelancer, I currently write for, the leading 3D printing industry news website and several other websites and magazines, both in Italy and internationally. I have also created the, the largest global listing of 3D printing companies, with close to 3,000 companies listed and categorized.

I work as a communication consultant for many startups and established companies in the 3D printing industry. I am a founding member of the Italian Digital Biomanufacturing Network (, which promotes the use of 3D printing in the medical sector, and I have been organizing 3D printing related events during Milan Design Week since 2014. Every day I find new, amazing, possibilities for this incredible set of technologies and the people who use them.

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