Journalist, Market Analyst and Consultant for the 3D Industry



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Curriculum Vitae ENG Oct 2017



14 thoughts on “Journalist, Market Analyst and Consultant for the 3D Industry”

  1. Hi,
    Nice to e-meet you, I ‘ m the Head of Communications 4 Maker Faire Rome the European Edition. I will be delighted if you would consider The call for makers and the Faire it self for you interesting. Where I should address a Press release?
    Thank you in advance
    Best regards
    Ursula Pala


  2. Greetings,

    I am the founder and creative director of a nonprofit youth empowerment program in Florida, USA. Our organization Athletic League of Leaders of Leaders teaches young Leaders 8 sports and over 20 sports career concepts, including footwear design. We wanted to know if you could recommend a 3D printing company that you think might be interested in working together this summer on a project to allow the youth(100 kids) to design custom athletic slides(flip flops/ sandals) and print them with a 3D printer. The upper part of the athletic sandals will be made via another local partner.

    I design footwear and I want to show the youth the future possibilities and to be creative. Florida leads the nation in youth arrest so I want to do all I can to help offset this fact. Thanks. Peace and Love.

    Rio Infinity


  3. Hi David, Enjoyed your article on Rapide 3D printers and was just wondering how this company is currently doing. Just getting mixed messages online and wondering if I would be foolish for buying one of their units in the secondary market as Rapide 3D doesn’t seem to be selling them direct at this time. What do you think?


  4. I´ve just read your comment about the Olo printer in Core77, it´s a brief and accurate description of the “miraculous” promising 3D printers on Kickstarter, (probably with the exception of the Formlabs.)


    1. I mean , don’t get me wrong, the idea is really cool and I am sure so much thought and work went into developing it. But, as too often happens, there does not seem to be a real, practical business model behind it. I always like to believe that In 3D printing you never know and sometimes things surprise us, but now we are seeing that many projects are just a bit too far out, or maybe just too far away


  5. Hi my name is Manuel J.I I am a 20 year old entrepreneur trying to innovate the luxury sports car industry. I am currently looking into a specific 3D printer that would be capable of printing car frames along with the metal exteriors. I am looking into replicating the Bugatti’s style for a much cheaper price . I want to give the cars the same luxurious feel yet without the over costly engine.


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